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Peace Corps Prep Mentor

Looking for a way to support current UC students? Becoming a mentor is a great opportunity for UCEAP and Peace Corps alumni to connect with future Peace Corps volunteers. The Peace Corps Prep program helps UCEAP participants prepare for the Peace Corps service. As part of the program, former Peace Corps volunteers mentor students as they complete the PC Prep program. Have you served in the Peace Corps? Join our program as a mentor for future volunteers!

Through the Peace Corps Prep program, students will develop skills and experience to make them more competitive when they apply for the Peace Corps after graduation. The participants build four core competencies through interrelated coursework, hands-on experience, and professional development support. One component of professional development is the chance to be mentored by a former Peace Corps volunteer. Best of all, completing the certificate program increases the chances of UCEAP students getting accepted into Peace Corps! 

Requirement for Volunteers

Two times a year, alumni are paired with current UC students. Assignments depend on the number of students requesting a mentor each cycle.

  • Must be an alumnus/alumna of a UCEAP study abroad program and have served or are serving as Peace Corps Volunteer
  • Must be a UC Graduate 
  • Current students are not able to participate 

Email Bryn Lemon if you are interested in learning more about the Peace Corps Prep mentor program!

Mentoring a UCEAP student who wants to join the Peace Corps is a great way to give back to both UCEAP and the Peace Corps, all at once!


For mentors, this is a short-term commitment to “meet” with a student over email, phone, or in person, to share your experiences as a volunteer and to answer questions from your mentee. We will match you with a student based on shared interests, work sectors in Peace Corps service, location of service, or location of study abroad. Your mentee may have questions about your service, your time studying abroad, and your career after Peace Corps. You can have one meeting, or continue to be in contact as the student completes the Peace Corps Prep program. Mentors/mentees are paired for a year.

The extent to which you and your student mentee are in contact is up to you. We have had mentors in the past who have had one conversation or a few email exchanges with their students to respond to their questions as well as others who have maintained contact with their students years after their initial match.

Not at all! We welcome alumni of any age to participate in this program.

This program is for UCEAP alumni only. If you know of anyone who is a UCEAP Alumni who has served in the Peace Corps and may be interested in serving as a mentor, please feel free to forward them the opportunity!

We will pair you with your student and your mentee will reach out to you within two weeks of your assignment via email. At that point, it is at your discretion how you would like to communicate with your student (Email, phone call, in-person, etc.)