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Guardian Scholars Fund

The Guardian Scholars Fund is a program that supports former foster youth who are pursuing their dreams of study abroad with UCEAP. Unlike most college students, Guardian Scholars do not have families on whom they can rely for simple things that other students take for granted, like a place to store their belongings while abroad.

UCEAP believes international academic experience is more important than ever and we are committed to providing access to all students who want to study abroad. Will you give a gift in support of our Guardian Scholars Fund this year? No gift is too small – it is your participation that’s important. Sign up to be a monthly donor and receive a free UCEAP t-shirt! 

Tiara Francisco (left) was the first recipient of the UCEAP Guardian Scholar award. Tiara spent the 2016-17 year abroad at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. After UCEAP, Tiara returned to California, graduated from UCSB, and now works with foster youth in San Luis Obispo.

On behalf of all our students, thank you for your continued support. 

Give to the Guardian Scholars Fund today!

This was a life-changing experience and I now understand why other students who have studied abroad champion these programs so much. Thank you for helping me live my dream.

Maximillian Candelario Jesus Lujan

UC Santa Cruz | England | 2023 Guardian Scholar



I have many incredible memories, but I think one of my favorite memories, while it certainly wasn’t a favorite at the time, but looking back it has become one, is when I first arrived in Edinburgh. All the roads were completely closed for the Queen’s funeral procession, so the cab that I had hired to help me get to my accommodation was only able to take me about a ¼ of the way. He politely told me in a thick Scottish accent that I was going to have to walk my luggage up a massive hill and two very steep flights of stairs, which I then did. This is one of my favorite memories because I believe that it set the tone for the rest of my study abroad. I found myself alone in a foreign country ready to make it work and take any hijinks in stride. 

I think the most personally significant thing that I learned about the world was that while people come from all over and have different beliefs and occupy their own corners of the world, fundamentally people are incredibly open and kind. I found that even when I was not similar to people or did not agree with them, there was still a channel of understanding. It reminded me upon my return home to be more open to new experiences and the unexpected and to not be so hasty to judge others.

Lien Joy Campbell

UCLA | Scotland | 2022 Guardian Scholar