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Bill and Olivia Allaway


Bill Allaway 1924-2014

As the founding director of UCEAP in 1960 and throughout his 29 years of leadership, Professor Allaway built a foundation of academic excellence and a network of outstanding universities that is considered to be one of the premier study abroad programs today. Director Allaway created The Global Campus, as he called UCEAP, in 1960. To build it required hard and sustained work and determination, but also a wide range of skills – of leadership, diplomacy, management and scholarship, to name a few, as well as a great deal of charisma that would inspire others to follow in his lifelong crusade and enterprise.

The legacy that Director Allaway leaves is remarkable, meaningful, powerful and forever lasting. During his 29 years of leadership,  Bill’s wife Olivia was always there to provide support and comfort to our students, staff and faculty. She was a beam of contagious happiness that shone on our community for so long, and her comforting presence, her radiant smile and her kindness will live with us always.  


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