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UCEAP Presents Career Alumni Profile

featuring Leslie Gerson and Samantha Ku

Another great UCEAP Presents featuring UCEAP alumnae Leslie Gerson and Samantha Ku. If you are thinking about a career in international affairs or if you just want to hear some great conversation featuring two amazing UCEAP alumnae, make sure to watch!

Leslie Gerson studied abroad with UCEAP in Bordeaux, France, in 1968-69. Hear how her UCEAP experience had a direct impact on her lifelong career in international affairs. Leslie is celebrating 43 years of service with the U.S. Department of State!

Samantha Ku is a 2018 UC Irvine graduate and three-time UCEAP participant. Samantha will be starting her career with the State Department this month. She will talk about how she was able to apply her study abroad experiences and post graduate activities into a successful State Department application and recruitment. Bios for both Leslie and Samantha are available below.

This session of UCEAP Presents was moderated by Ben Read, Professor and Department Chair of Politics, UC Santa Cruz and former UCEAP faculty director for China.