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This month, UCEAP commemorated our founding director, Bill Allaway, with the opening of the UCEAP Special Collections featuring the Bill Allaway Papers at the UC Santa Barbara Library. Matt Stahl, UCSB's Archivist, led a private tour of the collection for our alumni from across the earliest years of UCEAP dating back to our original class of students in 1962. We were treated to two beautiful speaches from Bill's sons, Bill and Ben Allaway, as well as a talk from Vivian-Lee Nyitray, Associate Vice Provost and Executive Director of UCEAP. Thanks to all of those in attendance for this event.  

We honor Professor Allaway for the foundation of academic excellence and network of outstanding universities he established to make UCEAP what it is today. The legacy that Director Allaway leaves is remarkable, meaningful, and powerful. The University of California Education Abroad Program Collection serves as a symbol of this legacy - continuously inspiring others to follow in Director Allaway's lifelong crusade and enterprise.