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UCEAP Connect is a digital networking community for anyone with a connection to UCEAP. Whether it's reconnecting with old friends (or making new ones), sharing photos, mentoring young alumni, or attending alumni events, you can find it all on UCEAP Connect.

What is UCEAP Connect?

UCEAP Connect will focus on four different professional engagement and networking opportunities. 
Connect - find and reminisce with fellow alumni. 
Make a difference - offer advice or be a mentor, share employment opportunities, support student scholarships. 
Grow - leverage your professional network to get introduced to the people you want to know. 
Learn - stay informed about programs, opportunities and events for alumni and students.

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Posting Guidelines


Have Questions?  

Check out our UCEAP Connect User Guide, read our FAQ's or contact the UCEAP Alumni team at alumni@eap.ucop.edu.




How secure is UCEAP Connect?
The platform is a closed network only accessible by individuals that we have approved. You can also control the amount of information that others on the site can see about you through your profile settings. Please take a look at the privacy policy. Please be aware that any information that you share will be viewable by everyone on the platform and UCEAP does not control how another member may use the information. If you have any concerns about your safety, we recommend you remove personal identifiable information. You may also opt to delete your profile at any time. We advise UCEAP alumni who risk suffering serious harm from revealing information that associates them to this platform to exercise caution before taking any action that links them with UCEAP Connect.

What can I do on this platform?
UCEAP Connect makes it easier to maximize the benefits of being part of the UCEAP network.
Your profile: Make instant updates to your contact details and employment information when they change, plus share updates with the rest of the network about projects you’re currently involved in.
Directory: Find old friends, make new connections—professional or personal, and collaborate on special projects.
Knowledge sharing: Volunteer to be a mentor for young alumni, or search for an alumnus who can help you with career advice and information. Read our mentoring guidelines for more information.
Jobs and opportunities: Find and share job vacancies and other opportunities, such as internship opportunities, academic/study opportunities, or anything professionally useful you want to advertise to other UCEAP alumni.
Events: Find out about alumni events, or advertise your own alumni events and manage the entire registration process through the platform.
Messaging: Receive and send messages to other alumni in a variety of ways: through the platform, by email, or through LinkedIn or Facebook. Manage what you receive by amending your settings.
Special interests: Follow or start a special interest page to bring together UCEAP alumni who have a common goal or interest.

Who will I find on it?
You’ll find the entire UCEAP community at your fingertips - alumni, current students, faculty, staff, and UCEAP teams at study centers and institutions around the world. If you know a UCEAP alumnus who is not on there, let them know this is where the community comes together.

Is this just another social media channel?
No. UCEAP Connect does not replace our social media channels. We still want to interact with you on LinkedIn and Facebook. In fact, you can message people through LinkedIn by clicking the ‘Connect on LinkedIn’ button. UCEAP Connect is about creating a space for UCEAP alumni to interact, participate, and inspire each other through mentoring and sharing of experience. It’s different from social media because it enables you to find and connect with the growing UCEAP network in a really easy way. 

How can I access the platform? 
You can access it on your desktop, tablet, or mobile, using all major internet service providers.

How do I get started?
1. Register by creating your own username and password. We suggest registering through LinkedIn. It is the quickest and easiest way.
2. Follow the instructions step by step to add all of the relevant information to your profile.
3. Your membership will be activated within five working days.
4. Post a message to say hello and introduce yourself, upload photos, browse to find people you know, and invite other alumni to join.

What is my Program Start Year?
This is the year you participated on UCEAP. For example if you studied abroad for the year 2014/2015, your study abroad year is 2014.

What if I can’t find my country or partner university?
Please contact alumni@eap.ucop.edu if you can’t find your university listed.

I made a mistake when registering. How do I update my profile?
It’s simple. Just follow these steps:
1. Log into UCEAP Connect and click on the 'Me' tab (second tab on the left)
2. In 'Me', click on the red arrow to the top right that says 'Update your profile'
3. You are now in the profile page. The middle column of that page contains your UCEAP details, listed under 'My UCEAP Profile' - Country of study, program start year, UC Campus, Partner University. Go to the relevant line and using the dropdown arrow, select the correct option.
4. After changing the details, click the dark grey 'Update' arrow in the My UCEAP Profile box
5. Click on the 'I'm done updating' grey arrow at the top right of the page to exit back to your home screen. Use the same step by step process to update your employment details, location or any other information in your profile.

I can’t log in. Help!
If you’ve forgotten your password, use the ‘forgotten your password’ link to reset a new password. If you are sure you have the right username and password, then it might be that you’ve changed the email address the system is linked to. If you change your email address in your profile, it might affect your log in details. Contact support@uceapconnect.com for assistance.

Posting Guidelines

UCEAP Connect encourages active discussion and sharing of information and thoughts.  While this is an open forum, we ask that you keep your comments and wall posts civil and clean. We reserve the right to remove any content found to be inappropriate including, but not limited to: Inflammatory or hateful content, profanity, adult themes or indecency, bathroom humor or references, libel, ethnic or racial slurs, sexist, homophobic or similar content, personal attacks. UCEAP Connect encourages all users to contact alumni@eap.ucop.edu when they find abusive content. This page is not to be used for unauthorized solicitation of sales and/or promotion of goods and/or services. 

To employers wishing to post jobs to UCEAP Connect, please review and abide by our Recruiting and Posting Policies before proceeding. We will take steps to block users who repeatedly violate these posting guidelines. Comments and posts from visitors do not in any way reflect the opinions and policies of UCEAP.


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