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Become a UCEAP Connect Ambassador

Are you active on social media and want to give back to UCEAP? Help spread the message to your friends and fellow alumni by becoming a UCEAP Connect Ambassador!

What are the expectations? 
As a UCEAP Connect Ambassador, we ask that you:
• Post 2 times a month or more.
• Make use of photos, links, and videos to build the community.
• Engage new alumni to join and post content.
• Review posts and respond to user comments.
• Use hashtags #UCEAPChangedMe and #UCEAPConnect when posting on other social media channels.

Interested in becoming a UCEAP Connect Ambassador? 
If you are not already, join the UCEAP Connect online community. Make sure your profile is updated. Click and register on the job link below or email alumni@uceap.universityofcalifornia.edu to let us know you want to be an ambassador and we will mail you a free UCEAP t-shirt, sticker, and more to help launch your community.

Some ideas to get you started
• Scroll through our recent posts and get a feel for what you find interesting on the site and what has generated the most feedback from users. 
• Post a photo of you wearing your UCEAP T-shirt and introducing yourself to users as our new ambassador for your country!
• Share photos or videos from your time abroad.
• Post articles or quizzes that you find interesting about your host country or the world at large.
• Post any jobs that you know of that might be relevant or appealing to our alumni.
• Share your advice to recent alumni who may be starting out in their career field and need a bit of encouragement or guidance.

Study abroad changed you. Now you can help other students change their lives, UC, and the world! 

For more information contact Bryn Lemon, Scholarship and Alumni Engagement Coordinator, at (805) 893-3980 or alumni@uceap.universityofcalifornia.edu.  

REQUIREMENT FOR VOLUNTEERS: Must be an alumnus/alumna of a UCEAP study abroad program or one of our Reciprocal Exchange University Partners.


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UCEAP Connect Ambassador Study abroad changed you! Now you have the opportunity to help other students change their lives, UC, and the world. Become a UCEAP social media ambassador and give back to UCEAP by sharing the message with your friends and fellow alumni.
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