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Afternoon Tea with UC President Janet Napolitano and Associate Vice-Provost and Executive Director, Professor Vivian-Lee Nyitray

UC President Janet Napolitano and UCEAP Associate Vice-Provost and Executive Director Vivian-Lee Nyitray met with UCEAP students and staff in February over a traditional English Afternoon Tea. Students from many of UC’s English, Scottish and Irish partner universities participated to raise the awareness of UCEAP programs in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The quality of partnerships in both countries and the value and transformative impact of studying abroad were highlighted during the event. Following official presentations, tea was served and students spoke with President Napolitano and Associate Vice-Provost Nyitray about their experience and even took selfies! 

Before tea was served, Prof. Nyitray opened the session with a welcome to the President, then students and UCEAP staff introduced the programs in the UK and Ireland.  Melody Knutson, Regional Director from UCEAP in Goleta, told guests about the goals of UCEAP and the importance of making study abroad available to students from all backgrounds and academic disciplines, including STEM. Hilary Noyce and Monika Kraska, from the Edinburgh and London Study Centres, each spoke about the opportunities the Study Centres provide, including cultural events, pastoral care, alumni mentorship program and scholarships. Harry Kidd, a student from UCLA studying at King’s College London, and Victoria Scigliano, a UC Berkeley student who has participated in two programs at the University of Glasgow, each gave a presentation illustrating why studying abroad is so important for them for very different reasons both culturally and academically. President Napolitano then took the podium to speak about her own semester abroad in London as well as the future of the University of California. Her speech was followed by a question and answer session moderated by Professor Nyitray. 

Questions included how studying abroad shaped President Napolitano’s worldview: the progress made with the Carbon Neutrality Initiative and the 2025 goal, the hardest decision made as President, transition from political to education world and how can young women become a force in a primarily male-dominated working world.



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