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William H. Allaway 1924-2014

As the founding director of UCEAP in 1960 and throughout his 29 years of leadership, Professor Allaway built a foundation of academic excellence and a network of outstanding universities that is considered to be one of the premier study abroad programs today.  Director Allaway created The Global Campus, as he called UCEAP, in 1960.  To build it required hard and sustained work and determination, but also a wide range of skills – of leadership, diplomacy, management and scholarship, to name a few, as well as a great deal of charisma that would inspire others to follow in his lifelong crusade and enterprise. The legacy that Director Allaway leaves is remarkable, meaningful, powerful and forever lasting.  During his 29 years of leadership,  Bill’s wife Olivia was always there to provide support and comfort to our students, staff and faculty. She was a beam of contagious happiness that shone on our community for so long, and her comforting presence, her radiant smile and her kindness will live with us always.  Click here to read a tribute from past Executive Director Jean-Xavier Guinard on behalf of the UCEAP community. 

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John A. Marcum 1927-2013
Professor Marcum was the director of the Education Abroad Program for the University of California system from 1990 to 2007, a position that allowed him to promote his twin passions for internationalism and higher education. Learn more about Professor Marcum’s life and legacy, here.  On November 2, 2013, family and friends gathered for A Celebration of John Arthur Marcum at Merrill College on the University of California, Santa Cruz campus.  Mary McMahon, UCEAP Regional Director and former Executive Assistant to John, was honored to be included as a guest speaker at the service.  To read more about Mary’s experiences with John, click here. A quote shared at John’s celebration of life reads:

“Death is only a larger kind of going abroad.” – Samuel Butler

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Peter A. Wollitzer 1949-2006
Dr. Peter Wollitzer was the first individual recognized by the UCEAP Memorial Scholarship Fund.  Prior to joining UCEAP, Peter was the Assistant Director of UC Berkeley’s Institute of International Studies. From 1986 to 2006, Peter served as a UCEAP Regional Director of programs in Asia and Africa and was also responsible for programs in Germany, Costa Rica, Italy and Hungary over the years.  In addition to his 20 year tenure at UCEAP, Peter served on a wide range of international task forces and boards.  During his junior year of college, Peter demonstrated his pioneering spirit and passion for study abroad by participating in UCEAP’s program in Bordeaux, France.  At a 2006 celebration in his honor, Peter was presented with a plaque on behalf of UCEAP. It reads: 

“From Bordeaux to Beijing, dreaming new worlds, challenging expectations, lifting standards, serving as both student and exemplar of creative achievement in International Education.” 

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Carmen Usobiaga d.2011

For over forty five years, Carmen Usobiaga was the heart and soul of our study abroad program in Spain. She had been with UCEAP since 1964, the year the program opened. It is impossible to count the number of lives she touched over the years. Students, faculty and staff all benefited from her knowledge, expertise, patience and friendship. With exemplary dedication to our program, Carmen was generous with her time and made a significant impact on everyone who arrived in Madrid. She worked with efficiency, elegance and professionalism. Carmen passed away in 2011, but her legacy will be felt for years to come. On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of UCEAP, founding director Bill Allaway wrote to Carmen, "UCEAP could never have been the success it has been without the loyal support of persons like you who helped us found the program there in Madrid, and have continued to share your understanding of Spain and the Spaniards with succeeding generations of California students."

Carmen was loving and patient with students, friendly and efficient with administrators, an unconditional partner with teachers, professional with all of us, and always ready to help. She is deeply missed by all. 

To help create a lasting legacy for Carmen, donate online or mail your check (payable to UC Regents) to:

Development Office
UCEAP Carmen Usobiaga Scholarship Fund
6950 Hollister Avenue, Suite 200
Goleta, CA 93117

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